Naruto - Minix Sakura Figure

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Naruto is a world famous manga and anime series that is set in the Elemental Nations, a land of ninjas with incredible powers fighting constantly. The manga and anime focus on a young ninja, Naruto, and his friends as they learn and grow to eventually become some of the most powerful people in their world. Sakura is part of the same class in school as Naruto and is assigned to a team with him and Sasuke when they graduate. While initially Sakura has no particular skills she learns to become a medic nin to be able to heal her comrades when they are injured. Minix collectable mini figures are detailed and authentic reproductions of some of your favourite people, fictional and real, from the worlds of sport, TV, and film. Each model is approximately 12cm tall and made of high quality, resistant materials so you can build a collection that lasts. These stable figurines are the perfect decoration for a desk or shelf space anywhere you want to show a piece of your personality. With many different styles to collect, your Minix collection will truly be unique to yourself.

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