We buy your unwanted Funko Pop!s

If you've fallen out of love with your Funko pops or perhaps just looking to downsize your collection, did you know we buy Funko pops no matter how big or small the collection. 

If you're looking to sell/trade in your Funko pops then please follow the guidelines below. 

⭐ Contact us firstly by email at shop@razmatazz.co.uk and provide us with a list of the pops you are looking to sell. Please include the name of the pop and the number in the top right hand front corner. 

⭐ Please also provide pictures of the pops. Either individually or as a group photo, but the photos need to be clear so we can zoom in if needed.

⭐ We will go through the list and work out a price that we would be willing to pay.

⭐ If a price is agreed, you must be able to bring them to the store to be checked over. ( We do not collect or accept trades posted to us) If we are happy with them then payment will be made in store to you. 

Please note, depending on collection size and types of Pops we may decide to not make an offer and decline any or all potential trades. 


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