The Shining - Escape From The Overlook Hotel

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In Coded Chronicles, players use numbers depicted on various components to create codes in journals that provide clues to unlock 11 Envelopes full of ned puzzles and items to lead you out of the hotel.  Using the shining will only help so much in this high anxiety one time game play experience.

The Shining Escape Escape From The Overlook Hotel Game - Avoid falling prey to Jack Torrance and the Overlook Hotel in this suspenseful Coded Chronicles game!  You will be challenged to find a way out of the hotel alive bytaking on the roles of Wendy and Danny to uncover new clues and puzzles to escaps the madness of Jack and the Overlook Hotel in this cooperative escape room style game.

Ages - 17+

Players - 1-6

Difficulty - Hard

Contents - 4 Journals, 4 Room Tiles, 44 Clue Cards, 11 Secret Envelopes, 1 Act 2 Envelope, 2 Character Standees, 1 Hotel Guest Guide

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