Marvel - Marvel POD 4D Hulk

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PODS 4D have been designed specifically for fans of character brands; girls, boys and adults alike. Painstakingly styled to be like no other collectable on the planet, with finely detailed paint applications on the character and a high-resolution 3D lenticular background in the POD to give a magical and very different experience for fans of collectables.

The character in the POD sits in front of the 3D lenticular which in itself is one of a selected image used under a specific license to Wow! Stuff, the artists and originators behind PODS 4D. The character then appears to burst out from their world to yours in fabulous 4D effect!

Unique Hex POD housing connects to other PODS in seconds. Connect them together to create any size and shape of your display, limited only by your imagination. For the first time you can mount your collection on the wall forming a striking collection, and one that you can add to over time with characters in the same brand or characters from other brands you love.

Write your name or initials to create a display that it is undoubtedly and uniquely yours! Collect and Connect into the wider range of PODS 4D with only leading quality licenses including MARVEL, DC, Disney, Sonic, Jurassic World, Wizarding World and more .

Developed with love for FANS OF CHARACTER BRANDS!

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